In our online store, we fully understand the need of our customers to return products and we make every effort for their maximum satisfaction. Below are the ways and conditions of return of our items, for your convenience. First of all, it is good to carry out a check on your order at the time of receipt, so that if there are obvious defects, they can be detected immediately (wrong type, etc.).

If you wish the return of the product you received, contact us at to inform us about the return and the reason you wish it. The deadline for the return of the products is 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods by you and you will be charged with the cost of returning the products. In case you received a different product from the one you chose, the shipping costs are covered by our company. If the 14 days have passed, reserves the right not to accept the return. The right of return is reserved only for items that have not changed their condition from the moment of receipt by you and of course, have not been used, nor has the safety tape of the product packaging been violated. Products that may have a defect which is not due to the fault of the consumer, are replaced with the same non-defective product, after we first receive it. Unless the return is due to the shipment of a different product to the buyer from the registered order, the buyer is charged for the return of the product to our physical store.

You can choose another product or refund only if the above conditions are met. The refund is completed within 14 days from the date we receive and check the returned items.
If the above conditions do not apply (standard product, non-alteration or use, deadline 14 days, non-violation of the security tape of the package), the order is returned to you, at your own expense

We make sure to constantly update the type and quantity of our items in our online store, during working days and hours. However, if you have placed an order for goods that are not immediately available , informs you about the new required time and if you accept the new delivery time, you inform us by e-mail that you want your order to remain active. If the order is canceled, you will be refunded the full amount of any paid price of the canceled order.